Track Data Hubs

Track data hubs are collections of external tracks that can be imported into the UCSC Genome Browser. Hub tracks show up under the hub's own blue label bar on the main browser page, as well as on the configure page. For more information, see the User's Guide.To import a public hub click its "Connect" button below.

NOTE: Because Track Hubs are created and maintained by external sources, UCSC is not responsible for their content.

Clicking Connect redirects to the gateway page of the selected hub's default assembly.
Display Hub Name Description Assemblies
SDSU NAT ERROR: Couldn't open Debugrn4, mm9, hg19
DNA Methylation DNA Methylation rheMac3, mm9, hg18, hg19
Translation Initiation Sites (TIS) ERROR: Error in TCP non-blocking connect() 113 - No route to host Couldn't open Debughg19
ENCODE Analysis Hub ENCODE Integrative Analysis Data Hub hg19
miRcode microRNA sites Predicted microRNA target sites in GENCODE transcripts hg19
Roadmap Epigenomics Data Complete Collection at Wash U VizHub ERROR: Couldn't open Debughg19
UMassMed ZHub ERROR: Couldn't open Debughg19
Cancer genome polyA site & usage ERROR: getaddrinfo() error on Name or service not known Couldn't open Debughg19
No Unlisted Track Hubs
Contact to add a public hub.